Weather Stripping

Keeping your windows and doors sealed properly is important, which is why your car has weather stripping in place to help with this. The weather stripping of your car helps to hold back the outside elements and temperature so your car can be protected. Weather stripping is present on all of the doors and windows in your vehicle and works to create a seal against anything that could come inside. This part of your car can wear out over time and requires replacement after a period of time. The one good part about this is that you will easily notice most of the time. One thing weather stripping does when creating a seal is block out a lot of road noise. If you start noticing that things seem to sound louder in your vehicle, it may be due to weather stripping that is wearing out. Apart from sealing noise out, the weather stripping also helps keep moisture out of your vehicle. Any wetness around your windows, doors, or even trunk jambs can be signs of weather stripping that is in need of replacement. Find what works for your Honda here on our site!

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